This is not a Criminal Defense Law Firm.

If you have committed or are accused of committing a crime that involved the illegal use of a firearm, please contact your local bar association for a referral or search for a criminal defense attorney. 

Representation for the shooting sports community.


Attorney Schopf is educated in not only the complex laws and regulations laws that effect the firearms aspects of shooting and fish and game clubs, but also the day-to-day operational concerns including New York State not-for-profit laws, Federal IRS regulations, corporate governance and insurance issues. 

Attorney Schopf is familiar with the licensing requirements for Federal Firearms Licensed Dealers (FFL) and the unique issues related to their businesses.

Pistol License Suspensions & Revocations


 New York State has a complex statutory and regulatory system for the issuance of Pistol Licenses (pistol permits or concealed carry permits). New York is a "permit to own" and a "may issue" state. The process of obtaining a pistol license is arduous and varies from county to county. If your pistol license has been revoked or suspended by the licensing authority in your county call today (518-280-7580) for a consultation with Attorney Schopf about the options available to restore your rights. 

An attorney who understands


 Having grown up in rural Pennsylvania, under the tutelage of his grandfather, an FFL dealer, instructor and armorer for various local law enforcement agencies, Attorney Schopf is educated in not only the complex laws and regulations laws that effect citizens and firearms related businesses but also understands from personal experience the terminology, mechanics and functionality of all types of small arms including shotguns, rifles, hand guns and Class III regulated items.


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