rescue and Humane Society organizations & SPCA Organizations

Animal Organization's Have Unique Legal Issues.


From existing not-for-profit companies to start-up animal rescue organizations, I can help guide you through the maze of state and federal regulations, achieve and maintain §501(c)(3) status as well as maintain your corporate standing with New York State and the Attorney General's Office Charities Bureau. 

Animal rescues and Humane Societies are a unique "breed" of non-profit that face different challenges than other non-profits. I not only represent a multitude of these types of organizations, I have the practical experience of acting as counsel to and having sat on numerous non-profit and membership organization boards. I am experienced in preparing municipal shelter agreements as well as in working with my clients, the District Attorney and law enforcement to successfully have seized animals forfeited by the filing of Agriculture and Markets Sec. 373 Security Bonds. 

SPCA organizations are a unique "creature" in New York Law. Often empowered with law enforcement investigative and arrest power, these private corporations are subject to public scrutiny as well as regulation and oversight by the FBI, New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services, the New York State Attorney General and the Secretary of State. These organizations have a maze of regulatory compliance levels, training standards and must function in conjunction with local, state and federal law enforcement. Typically only one of these organizations are permitted per county.

I have successfully incorporated two fully functional law enforcement capable SPCA organizations and represent several others. If you are a board member of an SPCA organization that is looking for guidance, please reach out to me today.

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